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Ink-Trade's top 5 tips on saving yourself some ink.

Ink-Trade's top 5 tips on saving yourself some ink.

Are you tired of running out of ink all the time, use these steps below to get more out of your jettec ink cartridges.

Avoid Chunky Fonts and Bolds

Thick fonts and bolded text require extra ink to print, so skinny up your text and save some ink. Some eco friendly fonts for you to try are New Courier and Arial

Do you want to save even more? Download Ecofont Vera Sans regular. A free font that uses 20% less ink by placing small white circles within each character.

Use a Smaller Font Size


What's the difference between a 10-point font and a 14-point font? Size, certainly, but also the amount of ink used – so use larger fonts more sparingly and you will be suprised how much you can save.

Proof Before You Print


Save yourself reprinting when you spot a small typo, simply give your work the once over before hitting print.

Tweak Your Printer Settings


Printers are factory set to be ink guzzlers, but that's easy enough to change. To update your printer's default settings on a Windows-based computer, click start > printers > right click on your printer and select printer preferences.

Some changes worth considering:

  • Set the print quality to "draft"
  • Set the color to "print in grayscale"
  • Set the "document options" to print multiple pages per sheet

Use Print Preview

Ever printed something from the web only to find that it didn't fit the page? What a waste of ink, paper and time! Fortunately, this is one problem that can be avoided: just hit "print preview" before you send anything to print, and you'll be able to catch and correct any issues before they make it onto paper.

So there you have it, these suggestions that we have posted are not a definitive list, but by being abit more careful we are sure you will save a drop here and there. 

If you have any suggestions to add to this list please leave a comment below and together we can all learn to save a little. 

Thanks for stopping by, we look forward to speaking to you all again soon.

PS: Dont forget you can also recycle your empties through us aswell, just checkout our recycling page.


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